Dry Eyes: Tips To Help You Protect Your Eyes And Lessen The Discomfort

Dry eyes can become extremely uncomfortable if you fail to protect them from irritants. It's important that you identify the triggers that worsen dry eyes discomfort and complications, so that you can protect your eyes as needed. Below are some tips and guidelines to help you protect your eyes and keep elements that irritate dry eyes at bay.

Practice Winter Eye Care 

In winter, the atmosphere in your house can get overly dry and the dry air can trigger a severe irritation in your eyes. The indoors air is often dried out by the heating system in use during winter and it's important that you find a solution that counters the effect of the heater.

A humidifier is a good solution that will add moisture in your indoors. Consult a humidifier specialist who may advise you on the best type and model of humidifier to buy for your home. Otherwise, if you're not able to get a humidifier, then use a pan of water. Place the pan of water on your radiator, which will help in distributing moisture in the room.

Use Eye Tear Drops

Eye tear drops offer immediate relief for dry eyes as they lubricate and clear the dryness. You can get the eye drops or artificial tears over the counter or you may want to have a product prescribed by an optometrist.

Artificial tears can have a high or low viscosity. So make sure you choose the type of artificial tears that best suits your needs. For example, high viscosity tear drops last longer, but also cause a blurry vision for some time after applying. So it's advisable to use the high viscosity product when you're not doing an activity that requires you to have a clear vision, such as driving.

Watch Your Environment

Some environmental elements, such as the wind, dust and hot air can trigger or worsen your dry eyes syndrome. So it's important that you be cautious of your surroundings and make sure you keep away from environmental elements that irritate dry eyes.

First you should identify environmental triggers that worsen your dry eye syndrome, so that you can get the most appropriate protective gear for your eye. For example, wrap-around glasses are effective in keeping some eye irritants at bay, such as wind and dust particles.

You can control the severity of your dry eyes syndrome by observing the right preventive measures. Above are some essential guidelines that can help you protect your eyes and lessen the severity of dry eyes.