3 Ways You Can Destroy Your Eyes With Makeup

Beauty always comes at a cost. Whether it is buying new clothes to remain fashionable, or buying the latest types of perfume, you always pay for beauty. However, you can also pay for beauty in with your health, and that is when you use eye makeup products in ways that they are not intended to be used. Makeups, when used the wrong way, can lead to eye complications such as swelling of the eye, inflammation, viral infections, and blurred vision. So how exactly can you harm your eyes by applying or using the eye makeup?

1. When You Apply The Eyeliner Too Close To Your Eye

The eyeliner is a great beauty product because it helps the eyes to appear bigger. However, applying eyeliner too close to your eye doesn't make you more beautiful; it just pulls you closer to blindness. A research by Cardiff University shows that applying eyeliner too close to the eye can make the eyeliner particles to penetrate inside the eye at a faster rate. The study was done on three women who were asked to apply the eyeliner in different ways -- on the water line and above the lash-line. After filming the whole thing, scientists from the university discovered that there were no remnants of the eyeliner in the tear film area.  If the dissolved particles keep on building in the eye, they can cause infection and blurred vision.

So avoid using the eyeliner on your inner eyelid or too close to the eye.

2. When You Use Old Cosmetics  

Old or expired cosmetics can harbor bacteria. So when you use these products, you are practically inviting bacteria into your eyes, which can cause conjunctivitis or pinkeye. Pinkeye is a term that describes inflammation of the thin tissue that is in front of the white part of the eye, which is also known as conjunctiva.

To be on the safe side, get rid of liquid eye makeup such as mascara after three months or sooner if you note that the product is getting clumpy.  Don't use cream eye shadows for a period that exceeds three months. Powder eye shadows on the other hand can serve for no more than two years.

3. When You Store Your Makeup in Hot Areas

Don't store your makeup in areas where the temperature is above 29°C. When you store your products in hot areas, you risk weakening the preservatives that are keeping the bacteria out. And when you use a weakened product, you may end up catching an eye infection.

Eye makeup doesn't have to be a bother, though. Just use it the right way and you will be fine. Contact an optometrist for more advice.